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Types of Leather We Use

Full Grain Vintage

Renowned for its unmatched durability and rich texture, Full Grain Vintage Leather retains the natural imperfections of the hide, adding a unique, vintage appeal to each piece.

Waxy Vintage

Characterized by its rich patina and timeless appeal, Waxy Vintage Leather develops a unique, weathered look over time, adding an element of rugged elegance to any accessory.

Chrome-Free Suede

Eco Suede Leather combines the plush texture of traditional suede with eco-friendly production methods, offering a velvety touch that is both sustainable and stylish.

Veg-Tanned Hunter

Known for its robust durability and distinctive matte finish, Hunter Leather ages beautifully, acquiring a rugged charm that enhances its natural character.

Chrome-Free Napa

Luxuriously soft and eco-friendly, Eco Napa Leather offers a refined finish with an emphasis on sustainability, making it perfect for the environmentally conscious consume

Chrome-Free DDDM

Eco DDDM Leather stands out with its deep, smooth finish and commitment to eco-conscious tanning processes, providing a premium look that’s also planet-friendly

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